Who I Am

I am just a regular high school student who likes to cook. I don't have some crazy unique ability that I possess that allows me to just cook perfectly whenever I want.  What I have is a desire to learn and try to seek out better ways to cook and cool ways to present. This leads to many tasty dishes, but also some not so tasty ones.

Why do it?

Because it is worth sharing. Truly it is, cooking brings a lot of joy to me when I get to do it so I would like to invoke the same feeling in every person I can. So please have some fun with this stuff that is what it is meant for. There are some pretty spectacular failures in cooking. There was a time when I was about 4 (or so my dad tells me) that I wanted to put mustard seed in everything. I mean everything. But as a good dad does he let me put in about half a teaspoon or so into all the big family meals that we made. He knew that such a small amount wouldn't really affect the dish. The culmination of all the spices is what makes the difference. So one day my dad let me use as much as I wanted, and oh boy let me tell you it did not turn out good. That right there was  one of my first learning experiences from cooking and I now know how to use mustard seed correctly.