These recipes are so easy that anyone could do it regardless of what amount of skill level you have.

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Low Mess

These recipes are designed to use as little dishes as possible. Which means not a lot of clean up for you.

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All of these recipes are great tasting and are fun to make. These recipes vary widely so there is something for everyone.

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Know then execute


A good thing to do while thinking about cooking is to think how it will be made. Sounds obvious right? But the trick is not to just follow a recipe and cook. It is fun when you cook something that you have paid full attention to the process, what is happening, what tastes come from certain spices, etc. What starts to happen then is an amazing transformation that changes sad,weird, or even gross things into wonderful meals and creative presentations.

It can be a lot of work and dishes can pile up, but knowing you created something, not just copied something, is so rewarding.

The recipes I post are mostly a guide. I truly hope you will try them, improve them, and then share those changes back with me. Even if you have an idea that you are unsure of, please share it. Let's cook. Together.